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This course will allow customers and partners to run a self-paced Umbrella PoV using their own device to run through configuring Umbrella SIG. The course will focus on the AnyConnect Roaming Security Module to walk you through both Umbrella DNS and SWG deployments giving you hands-on experience with deploying and configuring Cisco Umbrella.

If you're interested in utilizing the Umbrella SIG self-paced PoV please contact your Cisco Cloud Security TSA.

You've finally decided to upgrade to Cisco AMP for Endpoints to protect your environment. 

  • How do you know what settings to use? 
  • How do you deploy it? 
  • How do you resolve incidents? 

Let Mike teach you all the best practices of AMP for Endpoints in this three-hour course.

Hands-on attack and defend experience that teaches WHY you need security solutions.

Technology includes most of the Cisco security portfolio along with integrations with key partners such as Splunk, Rapid7, Radware, and IBM.

All modules use real data and real techniques!

This lab will focus on Umbrella's SASE capabilities. You will be deploying Umbrella from DNS to SWG. We'll utilize Cisco's dCloud environment to provide you with all the components you need to deploy Umbrella using a SASE architecture.

This is the Umbrella Lab containing SASE focused material.

Cisco Secure Network Analytics Customer Test Drive 7.3.2 dCloud (Demo Cloud) Test Drive Labs.

 This lab will show in real-time traffic how Cisco Secure Network Analytics (formerly named Stealthwatch) is the leader in the Network Detection and Response (NDR) Gartner quadrant and can transform the network into a sensor to detect insider threats and identify anomalous behavior such as malware, distributed botnets, data exfiltration, and more.. You get hands-on access to a fully configured environment with traffic that you generate to test first-hand live use cases.

 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics and Secure Network Analytics SaaS (Stealthwatch Cloud) Test Drive lab.  This lab uses the "Instant Demo" of Stealthwatch Cloud that is hosted in dCloud.

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics is a NDR (Network Detection and Response) service, it has capabilities for Premises Networks and Public Cloud Networks.  The test drive is split into two parts.  Part 1 highlights visibility and detections using network telemetry that is applicable to both premises and public cloud networks.  Part 2 is focused on cloud specific detections and capabilities.  

When new threats emerge in the wild, seconds matter. Is your network protected? Has this attacker made a beachhead on your network? 

Join Cisco Security and learn how to 

    • Use third-party threat intelligence to investigate a threat actor
    • Automate scoping, containing, and remediating a threat
    • Manage compromised users on and off network
    • Use the entire Cisco Security Suite from a single interface

Access to this course is limited to Cisco Employees and Partners.

Take this course to learn how to run your own Umbrella Studio Course. This course consists of watching a recorded Webex as associated content enabling you with the necessary logistics information necessary to run your own Umbrella Studio! Upon completion, you will have "Proctor" access to run your own session! Good luck!
Want to host a Zero Trust Workshop?  Then this course is for you!

Arm yourself with essential information you need to successfully host a Zero Trust Workshop.  Upon course completion, you will earn Proctor access, enabling you to run your own Zero Trust Workshop session.

Get hands on and explore zero-trust use cases, including establishing trust of users & devices, adaptive policies, zero-trust network access, modern application access and Secure Access Service Edge.  The lab features Duo Beyond (showcasing features such as Device Health, SSO, and DNG), as well as Umbrella, Secure Endpoint, AnyConnect, and SD-WAN.

The modern workforce is more mobile than ever before. Users and devices can connect from anywhere — so companies must protect them everywhere. A zero-trust security model establishes trust in users and devices through authentication and continuous monitoring of each access attempt, with custom security policies that protect every application.

Join Cisco Security and learn how to 

    • Consistently enforce policy-based controls
    • Gain visibility into users, devices, components, and more across your entire environment
    • Get detailed logs, reports, and alerts that can help you better detect and respond to threats
    • Provide more secure access, protect against gaps in visibility, and reduce your attack surface
    • Automate threat containment based on any changes in the "trust level"